Sweet Rush

Time and time again
have waited for Cupid
to take away the indefinite spell
he aimed at me back then

Though it took sometime
whilst patience quite not sublime
but i believe in angelic destiny
as always, hopelessly & helplessly

Devotedly, Fate & Cupid
casped their forces
once again, this time

They let us promise each moment
to devour, to dream
to savour both as coffee & cream

Definitely yer number 1 of the rarest
Ye caught my glimpse as precious stone
of ancient time, priceless

Ye enchanted me
with yer breathless charm
Yer velvet voice shines yellow
like sunflowers gathered before my window

Howe’er, a ponder walks with me
art Thou my prince, my soulmate or my true love?
may we ask Heavens how far are we in-Love?

Yet yer sweet smile confesses
that we summon us to be together
time and again to reveal that pure love is
indeed forever….

14:35H 30.04.2008 S
03:41H 01.05.2008 E

Copyright 2012 aynn snow