Merry Christmas my Loved Ones who are near & quite far,
Forgive me if am a reclusive one but my door is always ajar;

i may not have liked any of yer photos nor give some seconds stare
though i had wish i got more minutes to read yer posts or watch the vids ye did share;

anyhow, my Dear Loved Ones this solemn season be a Beautiful Star,
and don’t ever think that i din’t care for ye are within my heart’s radar..
also, erase every worry, any anger and allow to heal a longtime scar..
above all, never forget why it is Happy CHRISTmas for HE is the One & Only Brightest STAR 🙂

Merry Christmas my Dearest Beautiful Ones who are here and far,
Thank You so much for another year of beautiful mem’ries so meaningful 2013 so far,
Let’s have more laughter next year and only sweetest tears.
Happy Christmas, once again & advance Happy New Year w. Cheers! 😉 xx ❤
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