Past Chased

my back savours the soft earth
hands caressing tips of grasses
eyes so mesmerized by timeless stars
a lady with sunflower hat & basket of flowers
delighted, on her bike, just passes
guess she’s heading to a nearby sepulcher with girth

a willow tree is creeking not too eerily
a lovely boy’s swinging by himself happily
closeby, a pretty li’l girl catching some fireflies
an old lady, not far, singing to a baby sweet lullabies

a guy adoring the flames of a thick candle from 10feet
likewise the dark stones adorned around it
though unaffected by the emission of the vanilla scent
he happens to lay a bouquet of white tulips as he bents

i thought i recognized his face as he turns my way
a fading smile, twinkle in his eyes as tears at bay
wish i could comfort him with warmth embrace
yet now only mem’ries he and i can trace

23:05H 14.03.2013 S
05:27H 19.03.2013 E

Copyright 2013 aynn snow