Elysian fields

Mozart cries his violin, poetically sounds like Ovid,
i gaze his dance and heed the fluid of his rhythm, so vivid.
Narcissus laying around the flower field
yet he, too, listens as he glances on his shield.

Mr. Oak tree whispers to beautiful Govind,
Mrs. Owl catches up her sleep,
glimmering river, behind Mr. Oak, too steep
although eavesdropping with happy wind.

whence princesses faeries giggle with the Angels,
sweet breeze sprays fragrance in swirls;
fresh grasses sway, like the flying blue eagles,
before the golden paths that shimmer in twirls.

Liszt’s music echoes from the Sapphire homes,
entertaining Zeus, his demi-gods and the goddesses.
beyond the Ruby temple, young gods hunt with the Muses
whilst Artemis, at the sparkling forest, roams;

little angels guide the new ones with their laughter,
enchanting them with harps, floating petals and glittering waterfalls,
the majestic light shines as ever as rainbow befalls
to kiss the moment and enthrall the forever after.

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Copyright 2013 aynn snow