forbidden lost

abstract thinking
diffuses in a silent noise
by someone else’s voice

mind is cracking
or is it the brain?
injected by the heavy pain

is it of the extra sensory perception
of who knows by whom?
but i and someone sensing doom

yet the transmission
of messages is unclear,
eyes are dying just like polluted air

endless fall in a vertical tunnel
which its end, if there is, an enclosed frozen panel
will i wake from this rhytmical stabbing nightmare?
perhaps someone will wake me with dare

why play the game with a game
when it’s not a bloody game at all
there’s no game for one to call
never when Sacred Love is the name

amaze me not with a maze
nor try to calm the tumult
of this aching heart or halt
with forsaken craze

veins trace
feelings to catapult
backwards, inwards
and wayward, overlays

yet sooner or later
these all be hushed and gone
with the settling words of eight thousand one.

20:10H 11.07.1999
23:03H 14.08.2012

Copyright 2012 aynn snow