oh moon oh moon
others call ye Luna or Diana
oh moon oh moon
but to me ye are mr. moon

oh moon oh moon
why i miss ye mr. moon?
before i always see ye
even during high noon

oh moon mr. moon
have ye kept my silver teaspoon?
funny seeing Venus crossing mr. sun
just this mid morning
still thought it was ye mr. moon waxing

oh moon mr. moon
ye always bright my nite & gloom
seeing ye esp. when ye are full
give me delight and make me a fool

oh moon mr. moon
dont ever go waning mr. moon
whether it’s raining or drizzling
dont go fading mr. moon

even when ye are blue once in a blue moon
shine like any bright star my blue moon

12:45H 06.06.2012 S
23:35H 06.06.2012 E
Copyright 2012 aynn snow