Love, love, Love, love

love love love love
such a profound word

as depths of winter
as abyss of realm
as breadth of sea water
or as endless time

love love love love

every one takes it
by mistake they fake it
it consumes them
withers yet swathes them

love love love love
how they abuse pretty much

it conquers the world
but if one is egoistic
would drown in the underworld
as agitated masochist
suffocation will persist

love love love love

may be Storge, Xenia or Philia
like Angel has Cordelia
be it Agape or Eros
as Romeo and Juliet of diffrent eras

love love love love
if ye truly do then let go

like the wind blows to and fro
like wherever the rivers flow
like neon flashes its beams
just like angels fly between one’s dreams

love, love, love, love…

02:26H-07:35H 15.08.2012

Copyright 2012 aynn snow


a love to be cherished
a love that has bloomed
from two strange lovers
their love wont be doomed

a couple with love
has survived more than tied ones
shared everything for love
even fights they succumbed

a love for ever and true
with passion, like glue
the love of two sweet lovers
will swim tides even walk on screw

a love more than lifetime
a love for two
however if a promise has broken
then their love is forever forsaken

21:32H 01.06.2001 S
10:07H 19.06.2012 E

Copyright 2012 aynn snow

Millennium Love

lavender hair, platinum or blue
pick yer colour, mix yer own hue
may be fair, may be with no clue
alike my love for ye, hazy and true

like beautiful flower pots, fresh porcelain
patiently mould, bisque and glaze
ye with yer charm, tempts as ever with gaze
yet after the perfect moon trine
ye leave with both love and strain

somehow strange quietness as lovers duel
perhaps annoyance leaks yer fuel
that seems energies gone, a void spirit
leaving us in silence then once more sacred

this broken heart ye broke like stained glass
yet again easily fixed, soon quickly healed
with yer gentle words, such drink cocoa filled
not quite sweet as red wine yet first class
however, only time will tell as it swiftly cast….

13:20 19.05.2012 S
01:48 20.05.2012 E

Copyright 2012 aynn snow