ideal partner in life

my ideal partner in life..
yearns happiness yet goes with the flow of life;

someone, a guy or a gentleman who:

is honest and compassionate; again, true;

can amuse, inspire me, like a soul mate or twin flame does
and delights with things like any child does;
has a heart of faith and sincerity; is spiritual or pray, he does.

he, somehow, is amazed Who created the Universe;
likewise, can translate emotions into a simple verse.

has decency and respects the feelings of another;
argues not but discuss matters like any wise elder;

can accept apologies when other’s done wrong
and says Sorry, when after any fight, not quite long;

he may dance with sadness yet carries tears boldly
from time to time, and would share them to me earnestly;

is not too serious with life and has time for fun or out of towns,
a bit passionate about mysteries, of the unseen and the unknowns;
also, has attained his endeavors likewise won’t run out of one.

must have known himself so he understands human nature;
and that he shares my interests as well as future adventures.

aye, he needs to be charming in my eyes as well 😉
and knows marriage is Sacred, not just long term but for life,
through sickness & thickness, indeed, but not an everyday-hell!

my ideal partner in life.

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