5 zillion days may pass
my mobile won’t buzz
sun would not neon its rays
and bouquet of tulips won’t see my face
the world will soon divide
still ye are not by my side

4 seasons into one, somehow, cast
ye will not care to trust
melodies will be erased
yer mem’ries ye will not trace
the ocean is almost dried
and these feelings will not subside

just drown me tonight
with blades on my heart, ye may throw
truth does bite
every one must know

real time will never adjust
reminiscences turn to dust
walk will not stop its pace
and my charm will never be chased
lies won’t be lied
whilst hearts will be tied

universe won’t spin so fast
and yer love has blast off at full blast
peak avalanches from its base
inspiration burdens my case
love, most times, denied
with ye, ye have tried

12:35H 18.07.1999
05:38H 19.09.2012

Copyright 2012 aynn snow