i saw a bright star tonite
or was it a spacecraft
with a kaleidoscope light?
it moved like fireflies
in the evening skies

i saw two cute love birds
heard their musical chirping
hopped on the rooftop they’re playin’
if only i could fly as they are free
though i know they are not as one can see

i saw a shadow fading
walking in front of or behind me
at times in my room
few times in the bathroom
yet it harms not, just passing
perhaps with its curiosity

i saw Inspiration flicker its dance
though with no Muse yet could be in disguise
through those beautiful bewildering guys
seeking friendship and may be love
either way, would be a trance with spice

i saw shining brightly sun
hiding behind the fluffy clouds
though it’s beckoning lights
blinded a bit these waking eyes
yet it always refreshes one’s spirit
especially this laid-back soul and so excites

08:48H 10.02.1999 S
23.30H 10.08.2012 E


Copyright 2012 aynn snow