Millennium Love

lavender hair, platinum or blue
pick yer colour, mix yer own hue
may be fair, may be with no clue
alike my love for ye, hazy and true

like beautiful flower pots, fresh porcelain
patiently mould, bisque and glaze
ye with yer charm, tempts as ever with gaze
yet after the perfect moon trine
ye leave with both love and strain

somehow strange quietness as lovers duel
perhaps annoyance leaks yer fuel
that seems energies gone, a void spirit
leaving us in silence then once more sacred

this broken heart ye broke like stained glass
yet again easily fixed, soon quickly healed
with yer gentle words, such drink cocoa filled
not quite sweet as red wine yet first class
however, only time will tell as it swiftly cast….

13:20 19.05.2012 S
01:48 20.05.2012 E

Copyright 2012 aynn snow