he strums all day long
even my heart he did strum all along
to me his voice is a golden sound
he could stimulate ye to a teary-eyed in a heart’s pound

he strums along from state to state
move back huge music companies for he is self-made
for sure most supporters & followers give him a first rate
he is now fast rising but fr. now on his music will never fade

indeed he is a heaven sent
he has not only golden heart yet also a golden hair
with his face like any angel yet any Angel is no Any thus is quite rare
soulful music not only for li’l young ones, elders too catch his melodic scent

he strums all day long
on the road he sings country, rock, blue all day long
as well as play video games and being neat
he may even answer some of yer questions, isn’t he so sweet?

he strums all night long
even my heart he strummed all along
his infectious smiles are as gentle as his face
his golden voice is as mellow as his guitar in a case

casey everett james ye are such a man
though i can not say i am yer number 1 fan
casey ye deserve all the blessings that came
rest assured not only my heart ye have tamed

02:08H-05:23H 20.09.2012

Copyright 2012 aynn snow