ideal partner in life

my ideal partner in life..
yearns happiness yet goes with the flow of life;

someone, a guy or a gentleman who:

is honest and compassionate; again, true;

can amuse, inspire me, like a soul mate or twin flame does
and delights with things like any child does;
has a heart of faith and sincerity; is spiritual or pray, he does.

he, somehow, is amazed Who created the Universe;
likewise, can translate emotions into a simple verse.

has decency and respects the feelings of another;
argues not but discuss matters like any wise elder;

can accept apologies when other’s done wrong
and says Sorry, when after any fight, not quite long;

he may dance with sadness yet carries tears boldly
from time to time, and would share them to me earnestly;

is not too serious with life and has time for fun or out of towns,
a bit passionate about mysteries, of the unseen and the unknowns;
also, has attained his endeavors likewise won’t run out of one.

must have known himself so he understands human nature;
and that he shares my interests as well as future adventures.

aye, he needs to be charming in my eyes as well 😉
and knows marriage is Sacred, not just long term but for life,
through sickness & thickness, indeed, but not an everyday-hell!

my ideal partner in life.

14.11.2012 18:07H S
22.02.2013 00:46H E

Copyright 2013 aynn snow


early morning

around 4 in the morning..
that’s when our family dog Mojo goes howling
but right now he howls diffrently, am sure of diffrent sighting
aye, not a ghost, neither his frenemy cat nor whatever apparition
for it’s not that annoying bark or scary whole body hair raising howl thing
yet still i won’t attempt to look upfront the house to give attention
could be a silly thief in the night of dawn though
but over 10 minutes now somehow he makes me eager to just go

at times am brave enough
anytime after midnite, aye, with just a flashlight
or a surprise of a glaring spotlight
would check around when neighbours’ dogs bark
would even dare to get home between 3am to past 5am, that dark,
from a wee hours party, all alone tough
no not right now, am chickened out
but glad he finally just stopped being worried anxiously about..

10 past 5 in the morning….

04:37H-05:14H 01 Feb. 2013

Copyright 2013 aynn snow


time for a new chapter
make one’s life better
as well as lift up others
to shine their coloured feathers

a new phase for journey
a new page for history
a new fantasy for reality
a new leaf for glory

let’s all start afresh
new hope, deep faith for spiritual refresh

a new cry for peace
a new laughter for ease

let love blooms true with hue
let’s all have a beautiful life anew..

Happy New Year Loved Ones and Kins,
May we all have many more Blessings & a Bountiful 2013!

peace & love, aynn xx

19:03H 31.12.2012 S
05:57H 02.01.2013 E

Copyright 2013 aynn snow


a mind as a blank canvas
yet enmeshed in jewels, metal, stone and stained glass

a soul like a white kite flying at night
swaying but as thunder imposing to strike its light

a heart so quiet yet wanting to explode
shaking like food processor with 20 tons burden
however, noiseless for it has an empty load
though perhaps it should throb alone in its cozy den..

05:29H 30.12.2012 S
04:34H 31.12.2012 E

Copyright 2012 aynn snow

my love somersaults

your fury, i will take it as the lava of your passion
your bitterness, i will coat it with the sweetest potion
our ego, let’s vanish it with restless motion
please heed these words as my poetic action..

both we know we’re testing the water
yet doubt let us not or else we’ll falter..

it breaks my heart for now i feel not your heartbeat
it’s true, your voice i hear no more, indeed..

Forgive me, my twin flame, for all my reasons were so lame
though with your every cute effort, my heart you did tame

Please forgive me for my being unclear back then
and that i have caused you so much pain,
however, i’l be here for you, it’s true
any time through winter or rain..

i will wait till you sing your song for me,
when that moment flows,
you’re letting me know you have forgiven me..

23:30H 18.12.2012 S
00:25H 19.12.2012 E

Copyright 2012 aynn snow