extremes of feelings (being in-love & out of love)

ye are like a jellyfish without your knowing ever
your tentacles all over me seemed you’re a body snatcher
though ye haven’t snatched my body but my heart & my laughter
that ye broke my heart five thousand times, moreover,
when ye got dedicatedly sober
now i could not truly know how many counts
however, ye always did taunt or flaunt
your charm, accidentally

what has become of ye and me?

if only back then ye advised or told me
what were my annoying flaws
and din’t take it as if ye were breaking some laws
i may be a woman now, somehow,
not this childish girl nor this lonely cow
but never mind, ye only need to forget me with a vow
for my heart is tired of pain
i have to stop for my eyes pour like rain
farewell my charming prince, my sweet love
my perfect guy goodbye, adios with love….

05:44H 16.03.2013 S
23:25H 19.03.2013 E

Copyright 2013 aynn snow

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