yoo, yew
Hugh Yu
iou, eu
iu, ioo
yhu, yuu
double U
the view
Y, why?
deja vu
do view
oui, we
oh, eau
O, oh
ooh, oo
ah, uhm!

06:24H 19.03.2013 S
03:00H 27.03.2013 E

Copyright 2013 aynn snow

extremes of feelings (being in-love & out of love)

ye are like a jellyfish without your knowing ever
your tentacles all over me seemed you’re a body snatcher
though ye haven’t snatched my body but my heart & my laughter
that ye broke my heart five thousand times, moreover,
when ye got dedicatedly sober
now i could not truly know how many counts
however, ye always did taunt or flaunt
your charm, accidentally

what has become of ye and me?

if only back then ye advised or told me
what were my annoying flaws
and din’t take it as if ye were breaking some laws
i may be a woman now, somehow,
not this childish girl nor this lonely cow
but never mind, ye only need to forget me with a vow
for my heart is tired of pain
i have to stop for my eyes pour like rain
farewell my charming prince, my sweet love
my perfect guy goodbye, adios with love….

05:44H 16.03.2013 S
23:25H 19.03.2013 E

Copyright 2013 aynn snow

Past Chased

my back savours the soft earth
hands caressing tips of grasses
eyes so mesmerized by timeless stars
a lady with sunflower hat & basket of flowers
delighted, on her bike, just passes
guess she’s heading to a nearby sepulcher with girth

a willow tree is creeking not too eerily
a lovely boy’s swinging by himself happily
closeby, a pretty li’l girl catching some fireflies
an old lady, not far, singing to a baby sweet lullabies

a guy adoring the flames of a thick candle from 10feet
likewise the dark stones adorned around it
though unaffected by the emission of the vanilla scent
he happens to lay a bouquet of white tulips as he bents

i thought i recognized his face as he turns my way
a fading smile, twinkle in his eyes as tears at bay
wish i could comfort him with warmth embrace
yet now only mem’ries he and i can trace

23:05H 14.03.2013 S
05:27H 19.03.2013 E

Copyright 2013 aynn snow

Elysian fields

Mozart cries his violin, poetically sounds like Ovid,
i gaze his dance and heed the fluid of his rhythm, so vivid.
Narcissus laying around the flower field
yet he, too, listens as he glances on his shield.

Mr. Oak tree whispers to beautiful Govind,
Mrs. Owl catches up her sleep,
glimmering river, behind Mr. Oak, too steep
although eavesdropping with happy wind.

whence princesses faeries giggle with the Angels,
sweet breeze sprays fragrance in swirls;
fresh grasses sway, like the flying blue eagles,
before the golden paths that shimmer in twirls.

Liszt’s music echoes from the Sapphire homes,
entertaining Zeus, his demi-gods and the goddesses.
beyond the Ruby temple, young gods hunt with the Muses
whilst Artemis, at the sparkling forest, roams;

little angels guide the new ones with their laughter,
enchanting them with harps, floating petals and glittering waterfalls,
the majestic light shines as ever as rainbow befalls
to kiss the moment and enthrall the forever after.

20:24H 12.03.2013 S
04:49H 19.03.2013 E

Copyright 2013 aynn snow

ideal partner in life

my ideal partner in life..
yearns happiness yet goes with the flow of life;

someone, a guy or a gentleman who:

is honest and compassionate; again, true;

can amuse, inspire me, like a soul mate or twin flame does
and delights with things like any child does;
has a heart of faith and sincerity; is spiritual or pray, he does.

he, somehow, is amazed Who created the Universe;
likewise, can translate emotions into a simple verse.

has decency and respects the feelings of another;
argues not but discuss matters like any wise elder;

can accept apologies when other’s done wrong
and says Sorry, when after any fight, not quite long;

he may dance with sadness yet carries tears boldly
from time to time, and would share them to me earnestly;

is not too serious with life and has time for fun or out of towns,
a bit passionate about mysteries, of the unseen and the unknowns;
also, has attained his endeavors likewise won’t run out of one.

must have known himself so he understands human nature;
and that he shares my interests as well as future adventures.

aye, he needs to be charming in my eyes as well 😉
and knows marriage is Sacred, not just long term but for life,
through sickness & thickness, indeed, but not an everyday-hell!

my ideal partner in life.

14.11.2012 18:07H S
22.02.2013 00:46H E

Copyright 2013 aynn snow