my love somersaults

your fury, i will take it as the lava of your passion
your bitterness, i will coat it with the sweetest potion
our ego, let’s vanish it with restless motion
please heed these words as my poetic action..

both we know we’re testing the water
yet doubt let us not or else we’ll falter..

it breaks my heart for now i feel not your heartbeat
it’s true, your voice i hear no more, indeed..

Forgive me, my twin flame, for all my reasons were so lame
though with your every cute effort, my heart you did tame

Please forgive me for my being unclear back then
and that i have caused you so much pain,
however, i’l be here for you, it’s true
any time through winter or rain..

i will wait till you sing your song for me,
when that moment flows,
you’re letting me know you have forgiven me..

23:30H 18.12.2012 S
00:25H 19.12.2012 E

Copyright 2012 aynn snow

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