lull a bye

blow me yer whisper
it makes me feel am swimming in a firewater
swear it to me, i know ye love her forever
but ye kissed my dream away
when ye stole the heart clouds from the sky
or was it when ye greeted me, ‘farewell, my lullaby’

is it cause ye were excused?

did ye think ye were abused
by yer angel not ever fair?

and ye noticed she’s unfair

was it cause she’s someone else’s princess?
oh ye have confessed she is worthless

can’t despise ye, is that a sad thing?
now i can see why it’s quite sickening
for have been so sentimental all along
and gave a stupid story, with that whot’s wrong?

i can’t pretend my life
and curse me for i let ye know whot it’s like
it’s not a situation i can just revive
it was whot it was, my only life

and if one day i may die
will let ye know and will not deny
that i was happy ’til that time
and ye don’t have to sing ‘farewell lullaby’

14:25H 17.07.1999
04:32H 19.09.2012

Copyright 2012 aynn snow

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