out of light

flattery words had been said
had never expected would unsparkle
did Mr. Moon allow that?
or its light just got tired

where stars, somehow, gave their share
through their faded twinkles
have comets run out of fire?
or they felt they want to bid goodbye

will i ever see even just yer shadow
in the middle of Bermuda Sea?
perhaps, in a silv’ry river behind a meadow
where ye had a dream of me

why can’t one laugh out one’s sorrow?
though i know it’s whot for me
don’t tell me about tomorrow
for i know it’s not meant for me

perhaps, one will be brave enough
to face the tears no more
perhaps, one will be saved and loved
when one’s Angel have his bow & arrow in store

23:15H 13.07.1999
04:14H 19.09.2012

Copyright 2012 aynn snow

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