To Take.. To Hold (lyric poem)

whisper three words, am yers forever baby
those sweet three words are all that i need for oh baby

no one nor time can break us in two
today’s the time our life starts anew

the sun and moon are beaming bright
that ye do
the stars and skies are here tonite
so am i too
the flowers in every garden
will spring our eternal love

love me until the end of time
am loving ye for endless time

every day every night

with ye in my arms i’ll never cry
embrace me yer love and i can fly
stay here and behold
me with yer love
to take and to hold

when i’m with ye i feel alright oh baby
when i’m with ye i feel alive my baby

no darkness can fill this room
no bittenness could ever ruin

love me until the end of time
am loving ye for endless time

every day every night

when without ye i can not survive
with ye so far there’s only strife
come back and behold
me my love
to take and to hold

the stars shine for endless times
dont ever.. leave me behind my love
as moon with sun forever shines
let our love stay the rest of life
through the heavy rains or any strife
i’ll be here for ye the rest of time
like the summer,
autumn & spring time
and the winter

to take to hold just ye & me, my love

22:18 22.09.2002 – 22:03 22.09.2012 S

07:20-11:15 23.09.2012
22:48-23:58 24.09.2012 E

Copyright 2012 aynn snow

as ye may think or already know the title of this lyric poem is
quite the same as Yanni’s title music To Take… To Hold,
truth is, that is the very song that inspired me to write this
since the first time i fell in love w. that track
(actually the entire album, a collection of faves),
that was a decade ago, the 22nd of September 2002.

although, i din’t manage back then to complete this poem
for the music always envelopes me that words can not
express the flow of words from my heart, indeed the song
(and the entire album) always leave me breathless with awe.

few days back i saw again the torn journal-page where the
incomplete poem was written and i thought i should get back to it,
however, inspiration lead me to put up some of my old poems and
to Casey instead:D
but finally, just this weekend while trying to finish some boring
paperworks and to break the unceasing silence i played the track,
it’s been a month i last heard of the song
(which was a surprise my cousin Sugar was playing it while
she was finishing some paperworks too, i never thought she
would pick songs fr. my music collection or she does ever listen
to Yanni, as in ever, cause like my sister she’s always been
a pop r&b girl ;)).

moreover, much to my surprise earlier when finishing the poem
i grabbed the torn journal paper to get the starting date
i could not believe the date and time! imagine?? exactly 10 years!

i first heard of Yanni’s music when i was in my late teens though,
it was my brother who influenced me to listen to Yanni
as well as other awesome music artists like Enya, Depeche Mode,
Enigma, Gregorian Chants and few others, aye mostly New Age &
New Wave artists, when growing up 🙂

anyhow, i would say this lyric poem is a tribute to
Yanni’s To Take.. To Hold.
although just a few couple of years, in 2008, he finally
did collaborate with vocal artists to give lyrics
(or whot he called voices) to his music, wherein i thought
a decade back he must have done so but i think
he shouldn’t have had cause his music alone, without lyrics,
is perfect enough already 🙂
but fans, followers and supporters can choose 😉

hope ye liked my version and ye may sing it with Yanni’s music
if ye like, another reason why i finished it so i can sing hehe ;D

perhaps this lyric poem is not as beautiful as Before the Night Ends
with Leslie Mills the revised of To Take To Hold with lyrics & voice

that i just listened to, the first time, right now (00:46 25.09.2012)
though, while finishing this epilogue that i never thought
this would be quite a longer monologue.
anyhow, am glad i din’t listen to Before the Night Ends before
til today else i don’t think this lyric poem will ever complete.
probably i went overboard?

moving on, nevertheless, Thank Ye heaps for dropping by or
for reading this and/or for following 🙂 Blessed be, aynn

hurt, healed

hollow the hurt with hope
follow yer heart with despair
misery in the end will just cope
injury in return may repair

but the marrow scarred by the arrow
won’t swallow by the faded sorrow

no matter,
we feel that love,
i wonder,
why it never disappear ever

22:15H 22.07.1999
09:23H 21.09.2012

Copyright 2012 aynn snow


he strums all day long
even my heart he did strum all along
to me his voice is a golden sound
he could stimulate ye to a teary-eyed in a heart’s pound

he strums along from state to state
move back huge music companies for he is self-made
for sure most supporters & followers give him a first rate
he is now fast rising but fr. now on his music will never fade

indeed he is a heaven sent
he has not only golden heart yet also a golden hair
with his face like any angel yet any Angel is no Any thus is quite rare
soulful music not only for li’l young ones, elders too catch his melodic scent

he strums all day long
on the road he sings country, rock, blue all day long
as well as play video games and being neat
he may even answer some of yer questions, isn’t he so sweet?

he strums all night long
even my heart he strummed all along
his infectious smiles are as gentle as his face
his golden voice is as mellow as his guitar in a case

casey everett james ye are such a man
though i can not say i am yer number 1 fan
casey ye deserve all the blessings that came
rest assured not only my heart ye have tamed

02:08H-05:23H 20.09.2012

Copyright 2012 aynn snow


5 zillion days may pass
my mobile won’t buzz
sun would not neon its rays
and bouquet of tulips won’t see my face
the world will soon divide
still ye are not by my side

4 seasons into one, somehow, cast
ye will not care to trust
melodies will be erased
yer mem’ries ye will not trace
the ocean is almost dried
and these feelings will not subside

just drown me tonight
with blades on my heart, ye may throw
truth does bite
every one must know

real time will never adjust
reminiscences turn to dust
walk will not stop its pace
and my charm will never be chased
lies won’t be lied
whilst hearts will be tied

universe won’t spin so fast
and yer love has blast off at full blast
peak avalanches from its base
inspiration burdens my case
love, most times, denied
with ye, ye have tried

12:35H 18.07.1999
05:38H 19.09.2012

Copyright 2012 aynn snow

lull a bye

blow me yer whisper
it makes me feel am swimming in a firewater
swear it to me, i know ye love her forever
but ye kissed my dream away
when ye stole the heart clouds from the sky
or was it when ye greeted me, ‘farewell, my lullaby’

is it cause ye were excused?

did ye think ye were abused
by yer angel not ever fair?

and ye noticed she’s unfair

was it cause she’s someone else’s princess?
oh ye have confessed she is worthless

can’t despise ye, is that a sad thing?
now i can see why it’s quite sickening
for have been so sentimental all along
and gave a stupid story, with that whot’s wrong?

i can’t pretend my life
and curse me for i let ye know whot it’s like
it’s not a situation i can just revive
it was whot it was, my only life

and if one day i may die
will let ye know and will not deny
that i was happy ’til that time
and ye don’t have to sing ‘farewell lullaby’

14:25H 17.07.1999
04:32H 19.09.2012

Copyright 2012 aynn snow