Love, love, Love, love

love love love love
such a profound word

as depths of winter
as abyss of realm
as breadth of sea water
or as endless time

love love love love

every one takes it
by mistake they fake it
it consumes them
withers yet swathes them

love love love love
how they abuse pretty much

it conquers the world
but if one is egoistic
would drown in the underworld
as agitated masochist
suffocation will persist

love love love love

may be Storge, Xenia or Philia
like Angel has Cordelia
be it Agape or Eros
as Romeo and Juliet of diffrent eras

love love love love
if ye truly do then let go

like the wind blows to and fro
like wherever the rivers flow
like neon flashes its beams
just like angels fly between one’s dreams

love, love, love, love…

02:26H-07:35H 15.08.2012

Copyright 2012 aynn snow

Vampyr free me

kiss me deadly
kiss me free
sink in yer fangs quite deeply

succor yer thirst
by these poisoned blood
no pity drain them empty
with no remorse, be a sod

clear me from the air so foul
cover me with black satin lacy shawl
i am too damned anyhow
save me from mortal dyin’ somehow

after ye finish yer fed
be with me under yer shed
yet when am fed up of being undead
to blazing sun, stakes, silver bullet or behead, will head

but for now kiss me deadly
kiss me free from this agony
and lead me to yer sarcophagus and protect me

23:31H 14.08.2012
00:09H 15.08.2012


Copyright 2012 aynn snow

forbidden lost

abstract thinking
diffuses in a silent noise
by someone else’s voice

mind is cracking
or is it the brain?
injected by the heavy pain

is it of the extra sensory perception
of who knows by whom?
but i and someone sensing doom

yet the transmission
of messages is unclear,
eyes are dying just like polluted air

endless fall in a vertical tunnel
which its end, if there is, an enclosed frozen panel
will i wake from this rhytmical stabbing nightmare?
perhaps someone will wake me with dare

why play the game with a game
when it’s not a bloody game at all
there’s no game for one to call
never when Sacred Love is the name

amaze me not with a maze
nor try to calm the tumult
of this aching heart or halt
with forsaken craze

veins trace
feelings to catapult
backwards, inwards
and wayward, overlays

yet sooner or later
these all be hushed and gone
with the settling words of eight thousand one.

20:10H 11.07.1999
23:03H 14.08.2012

Copyright 2012 aynn snow

taste whot i feel

pain like cobwebs
in turmoil behind the woods
wash it away with the flow of waterfalls

hurt so savage
ripping my wounds
feel it once ye taste, now, my mood

bruise does my heart beats for now
’til when, no one can tell ’til when, for now

scars my spirit and soul have had
and it never, will ever be gone
even when i won’t say never
still time makes it happen
somehow, not forever
but for ever…

however, forever i will love

08:27H 02.07.1999
17:53H 14.08.2012


Copyright 2012 aynn snow

You don’t know, why?

why do we say ‘i love you’
when we mean “i need you close to me?’
quite right, ‘stay next beside me’
but we never really say those
even though we feel so, still i do,
deep within our hypothalamus

why do we wonder and allow thoughts to wander?
this fever chills these veins even when day is over,
longer than the night after

when can we express ourselves freely
and smile away pride easily?

we can’t blame ‘you’
ye may blame me
but i must not, i will never blame Thee

why did i let ye go?
ye let me so

and the bruise here remains
will i be ashamed of my soaking pain?

why can’t i hold back my tears?
ye hurt me without fear
who said i won’t shed some tears?
din’t i mention that love is forever? oh dear

why am i asking why
when only no one cares for my cry
23:20H 01.07.1999 S
00:22H 11.08.2012 E
Copyright 2012 aynn snow