Amun-Ra & Cleopatra

be my Amun-Ra, my beautiful sun
with yer shining eyes ye have me stunned
let me be yer Cleopatra, yer queen & goddess
wilt this face mesmerised thee with flawless?

be my coloured pen, my perfect poem, finest
let me be yer smooth brush, yer sublime canvass
be my romantic literary piece
let me be yer artistic masterpiece

glad to have ye my dear angelic zombi
for yer happy to have me as yer darling mummy

be my scorpion king, my one true lover
let me be yer beloved, yer sole sweet enchanter

great to meet ye again my real knight
my charming prince, my ever soulmate

we’ll make sure no thing stands between us

and we will stand any time real fine
till the end of endless time . . . .

11:17H 03.06.2008 S
16:28H 14.02.2012 E


Copyright 2012 aynn snow

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