Echoing Silence

smooth apple tastes like cheese
as soft as flan
as strong as tonic gin

ye grab midnight like a feather
and sway it with yer hands
time chasing moonlight
whilst no one seems to care

ye created paradise
for me to pace around
ye watched me with yer beauty
as ye concreted yer ground

early dawn delightedly awoke me
i heard ye sigh a sound
i savoured yer echoing silence, iced
though yer heart dances a triple pound

i feel i can not survive
when yer not by my side

but i’d rather be alone
though yer with me yet seem gone
i’d rather kiss teary sadness
than i see ye sleep at dawn

however, take me now so true
confess, again, yer feelings soon
let’s make our solemn vow anew
together, once again, let’s watch beautiful moon
01:17H 25.10.2001 S
18:41H 18.06.2012 E

Copyright 2012 aynn snow


a love to be cherished
a love that has bloomed
from two strange lovers
their love wont be doomed

a couple with love
has survived more than tied ones
shared everything for love
even fights they succumbed

a love for ever and true
with passion, like glue
the love of two sweet lovers
will swim tides even walk on screw

a love more than lifetime
a love for two
however if a promise has broken
then their love is forever forsaken

21:32H 01.06.2001 S
10:07H 19.06.2012 E

Copyright 2012 aynn snow

the Charmed Ones

Three, who are sisters with magick
as they are, quite enchanting
and perfect in any man’s dream

spellbound powers, they each possessed
as they chant their amazing spells
souls of the innocents they always save
chanting and casting, all they gave

herbs, spices, essentials and elements
are all heeded for more strength
likewise the Book of Shadows
as well as some rare sweet scents

the Power of Three
captured many hearts as any one sees
their kindness and mysterious beauty

Halliwell’s P3…
sublime, sweet and sexy
are Piper, Paige and Phoebe.

19:57H 11.10.2001 S
15:55H 18.06.2012 E

Copyright 2012 aynn snow


oh moon oh moon
others call ye Luna or Diana
oh moon oh moon
but to me ye are mr. moon

oh moon oh moon
why i miss ye mr. moon?
before i always see ye
even during high noon

oh moon mr. moon
have ye kept my silver teaspoon?
funny seeing Venus crossing mr. sun
just this mid morning
still thought it was ye mr. moon waxing

oh moon mr. moon
ye always bright my nite & gloom
seeing ye esp. when ye are full
give me delight and make me a fool

oh moon mr. moon
dont ever go waning mr. moon
whether it’s raining or drizzling
dont go fading mr. moon

even when ye are blue once in a blue moon
shine like any bright star my blue moon

12:45H 06.06.2012 S
23:35H 06.06.2012 E
Copyright 2012 aynn snow